Five Christian Truth activists charged

REGINA – Five members of the Regina-based Christian Truth Activists were charged with “performing an activity likely to distract users of a highway” on Feb. 18 while standing in a peaceful pro-life demonstration outside Regina General Hospital, which commits abortions. Six signs held by the demonstrators depicting graphic scenes of abortions were also confiscated. Activist spokesman Bill Whatcott said the charges are “bogus” and vowed to be back on the street “as soon as possible.” He added that the police are being hypocritical in their enforcement, since an elderly member of the Activists, who has had both hips replaced, was assaulted on Feb. 8 while at a similar demonstration. No charges have yet been laid, despite the fact that a photograph was taken of both the assailant and the licence plate of the vehicle in which she was being transported.

Planned Parenthood pushes ECP

OTTAWA – As part of its “Emergency Contraception Awareness Week” the Planned Parenthood Federation of Canada is promoting the abortifacient “emergency contraceptive pill” in Canada through five separate television ads on four national broadcasters (CBC, Global, WTN and MuchMusic) and 16 regional broadcasters. The campaign also includes a 5,000 poster distribution in PP offices, community health centres, colleges, universities and women’s centres across the country. The National Post reports that when similar ads ran in the U.S., there was a 645 per cent “increase in the number of people who received “emergency contraception” in a three-year period.” Hoping to get free publicity, PPFC labelled the commercials “public service announcements,” but CTV has refused to run the ads since they do not meet its definition of a PSA.

Abortion-breast cancer ad victory

VANCOUVER – Pro-abortion groups admitted defeat in their attempt to have an advertisement regulator declare inaccurate an ad presenting scientific evidence of the link between abortion and breast cancer. The Pro-Choice Action Network, run by abortion activist Joyce Arthur, filed a formal complaint about the abortion/breast cancer ad by Surrey Delta Pro-Life with Advertising Standards Canada in October. The abortion network’s publication reveals that in late December, the standards council refused to review the breast cancer/abortion ad any further. It said there are “serious and noteworthy considerations in dispute”, but they are “complex” and “beyond the resources” and “expertise” of ASC to evaluate.

B.C. refuses polygamy prosecutions

VICTORIA – The B.C. government says it will not prosecute polygamists until Parliament amends the Criminal Code statute making it illegal. Attorney-General Geoff Plant said a review of the law which he ordered last August confirmed concerns first raised in 1992 that the existing law banning polygamy violates freedom of religion as guaranteed under the Charter. As Focus on the Family Canada has noted, B.C. “will remain the only jurisdiction in North America where plural marriage can be practised without fear of prosecution.”