Bishop Henry continues defense of marriage

CALGARY – Writing in the Calgary Sun, Roman Catholic Bishop Fred Henry quoted the Universal Declaration of Human Rights which states, “The family is the natural and fundamental group unity of society and is entitled to protection by society and the state,” before noting: “The state has no authority to alter the fundamental meaning of marriage or to make the family a creature of the state.” He said that merely changing the legal definition of marriage does not “change the reality that only the committed union of a man and a woman carries, not only the bond of interdependency between the two adults, but the inherent capacity to bring forth children.” Bishop Henry warned that Canadian society itself is at risk if this understanding of family is altered.

Slap on wrist for trashing newborn

CALGARY – Youth court Judge Sharron Prowse O’Ferrall sentenced a 16-year-old girl to one year’s probation and mandatory parenting classes after the teen was found guilty of failing to provide the necessities of life and abandoning a child under 10. The teen gave birth to a six-pound boy last September and placed the newborn in a garbage bag at the curb. The baby was found two hours later in 10 degree weather by a woman walking her dog. The newborn suffered mild hypothermia but there were not lasting effects. Judge Prowse O’Ferrall said the community should forgive the teen, who is now raising her son with her mother, because although she acted in a “cold and callous” way, she has since shown remorse and wasn’t thought to be a risk to re-offend.

Martin appoints more hacks

OTTAWA – Prime Minister Paul Martin appointed five new senators, three Liberals and two Conservatives, including Red Tory and backroom strategist Hugh Segal. Martin also appointed long-time loyal supporter Stan Keyes, a former Liberal MP defeated in 2004, to the plum post of consul general in Boston. Martin is following the lead of former prime minister Jean Chretien who rewarded former Liberal MPs Mary Clancy and Ron Irwin with the same post during his reign. Running for Liberal leader, Martin promised to make such patronage “history” leading NDP leader Ed Broadbent to quip during the recent round of appointments that Martin’s definition of “history” is “about six months or so.”

Failed mercy-killing

GATINEAU, Que. – Police in Gatineau want a woman charged with attempted murder after she attempted to give an elderly cancer patient a fatal dose of morphine, but the crown attorney’s office hasn’t decided whether to proceed with the case. The police arrived “moments after” the potentially fatal overdose was administered after hearing about it from a “concerned third party” according to the Ottawa Sun. Euthanasia Prevention Coalition executive director Alex Schadenberg conceded it might have been a misguided act of compassion but stated “it’s completely wrong to take another person’s life,” as he called for greater legal protection of vulnerable Canadians. Gatineau police Lieut. Jean-Paul Le May said the policy implications were irrelevant, that the police were merely following the law. “In the Criminal Code, there is nothing suggesting compassionate murder. Murder is murder.” The names of the woman and patient and their relationship have not be disclosed.