Pro-life survey results in Newfoundland

St. John’s — Pro-life activity in Newfoundland centred on compiling results of a survey distributed to candidates in the February 22 provincial election won by the Liberals under Brian Tobin. The survey, seeking candidates’ views on protection of the unborn from the moment of conception, the use of the RU-486 “abortion pill” and other issues, was also distributed to candidates in the two federal by-elections March 25. The surveys help pro-lifers gain important information as to the degree of pro-life support among Newfoundland’s would-be leaders.

Activist facing two separate charges

Montreal — A Montreal activist faces two separate charges stemming from pro-life witnessing. Michel Tissot, a former RCMP officer, was found guilty April 18 of breaking a temporary injunction against pro-life activity outside the building housing Henry Morgentaler’s central Montreal abortion clinic. Tissot was carrying a poster of Our Lady of Guadalupe when arrested. He was fined $500 and will appeal the ruling. On April 4, Tissot was charged with breaking probation for demonstrating outside a women’s clinic providing abortion referrals. He faces trial by judge and jury May 24.

Linda Gibbons found guilty

Toronto — Pro-life activist Linda Gibbons was found guilty of obstructing a peace officer and violating probation. The verdict was handed down April 18 at the College Park courthouse. Gibbons was arrested February 19 outside the Scott abortion clinic, just three days after being released from her previous incarceration. Gibbons, who has been jailed several times since 1994, refuses to obey a permanent injunction against pro-life witnessing outside Ontario abortion clinics and hospitals. Sentencing on the latest charges was scheduled for April 25.

Film scheduled for broadcast

Winnipeg — The League for Life Manitoba, in conjunction with CKY-TV, sponsored two broadcasts of the film Teen Sex: Challenge and Decisions. The award-winning film by obstetrician Dr. Stephen Genuis provides up-to-date- information for teens, young adult and parents in the area of human sexuality. The film was scheduled for broadcast at 4:30 p.m. April 27 and again at 1 a.m. April 30. Pat Soenen of the League for Life said the broadcast is part of the organization’s aggressive approach to chastity education. The film holds out chastity as a means of decreasing the incidence of abortion. It also offers a positive message as a counterpoint to the permissiveness and misinformation contained in “safe-sex” advertising.

National conference set

Edmonton — Alliance for Life and Campaign Life Coalition are sponsoring a June 20-23 national pro-life conference at the King’s University College in Edmonton. The theme for the conference is ‘Learn from Yesterday – Prepare for Tomorrow’. Speakers include Dr. Joel Brind, an authority on the abortion-breast cancer link, and Cheryl Eckstein of the Compassionate Healthcare Network. The conference features a wide range of topics central to pro-life efforts, particularly political lobbying, population control, euthanasia, new reproductive technologies, abortifacients, and national pro-life strategies. For more information on the conference, call Alberta Pro-Life Edmonton at 403-425-1637.

FCP preparing for B.C. election

Abbotsford, B.C. — The Family Coalition Party (FCP) of B.C. has nominated 12 candidates to run in the upcoming provincial election. Among the candidates are party leader Kathleen Toth in the Matsqui riding, and former leader Heather Stilwell in Surrey Cloverdale. The party could name additional candidates shortly. Toth said concerns for the FCP include bubble-zone legislation, spousal benefits for same-sex couples, homosexual adoption and medicare funding for procedures sought by special interest groups (e.g. abortion, condom distribution and needle exchange programs.). She hopes the FCP will have some impact in the campaign despite the B.C. Election Act’s discouragement of smaller political parties.

Anti-euthanasia forces gaining

Vancouver — The upcoming provincial election is just one of the items topping the pro-life agenda in British Columbia. While an unpopular NDP government is struggling to hang on to power, pro-life supporters are looking to elect life-affirming candidates. The provincial NDP aggressively pursued a pro-abortion agenda and attempted to stifle pro-life witnessing by establishing “bubble zones” around abortion clinics and hospitals. Meanwhile, several church and public interest groups have come together to form an anti-euthanasia coalition. John Hof, president of Campaign Life Coalition B.C., said the Coalition has a wealth of resources and expertise available to led the public away from the growing right-to-die mentality.