Robinson slapped on wrist for jewelry heist
BURNABY, B.C. – Homosexual activist and former MP Svend Robinson pleaded guilty to theft over $5,000, ending the legal ordeal that began on Good Friday when the openly gay MP stole a $64,500 ring for his partner. Judge Ron Fratkin sentenced Robinson to 100 hours of community service, but he received no fine or jail time. In reaching his verdict, the judge called the case “A gut-wrenching tale about a man who achieved much – more than most of us could ever hope to achieve – and who has taken a fall. All for a bauble, a trinket, a ring.”

N.B. commission dictates anti-family policies
FREDERICTON – The unelected New Brunswick Human Rights Commission directed the provincial government to allow a partner in a same-sex relationship to adopt the other partner’s child. Overriding existing legislation contained in the Family Services Act and the Vital Statistics Act, the decision by the board of inquiry of the Human Rights Commission permits both same-sex partners to be recorded as parents on a child’s birth registration document. One of the partners filed a human rights complaint, stating that the government was discriminating against her on the basis of sexual orientation and marital status. Alanna Palmer, chair of the Human Rights Commission, says human rights decisions from the board of inquiry are not subject to appeal. The government must pay damages to the couple and allow registration and adoption in similar cases in the future. Palmer says she doubts a judicial review will be requested: “Our feeling is that the government will abide by this decision.”