The North York Crisis Pregnancy Centre has now been open for four months.  During that time, we have had 83 clients.  The age range is from 14 to 35 years; almost half of the clients (37) have been in their teens.  Most clients come in for a pregnancy test and, of 73 pregnancy tests done, 28 were positive.


Most of the clients come in for that first visit – certainly, the client whose pregnancy test is negative does not return, although we do ask her to let us know when her period returns or if she visits her own doctor.  However, we feel that the contact we have had with her, the discussion of lifestyle, and her viewing the video “A Matter of Choice,” which gives facts on prenatal development and abortion, is important and will be blessed in some way.


At the moment, we have nine clients with whom contact is maintained.  Some need just an occasional encouraging phone call, some need medical referrals, some need maternity and baby clothing, and others may require more direct care closer to the time the baby is to be born.  One client has had her baby and given it up for adoption.  Two girls needed shepherding homes; one has moved to Bethany home and the other, accepted for Bethany, decided to stay with a friend.


The Centre is open between 1 and 8 p.m., Tuesday to Friday.  However, Fridays have been very quiet – either no appointments or many cancellations.  As a result, in March we will start opening Monday instead of Friday.  For the time being, we feel that these hours provide ample time and flexibility for appointments to be made.  In case of emergency, arrangements can be made on an individual basis.


Twenty counselors are involved in the counselling and receptionist duties at the Centre.  Another 11 volunteers regularly man the 24-hour call-forwarding telephone system. Certainly, all of us have felt an enrichment in our lives, not only through helping those in need, but also in the fellowship with each other and in the growing realization that we can only be instruments in this ministry through the grace and power which we receive from Our Lord.


On behalf of all of us at the North York Crisis Pregnancy Centre, I thank all of you who support this work in whatever way you can and I ask for your continued prayers for this ministry.


Ebeline Zee-Hawtin is the Director of the North York Crisis Pregnancy Centre.


The North York Crisis Pregnancy Centre is a ministry of the Christian Action Council.  It is located at 5584 Yonge Street, Toronto, Ontario M2N 5S2.  Telephone (416) 229-2607 and 283-5093.