For years now Morgentaler has been attempting to change the law by violating it.  His long-range business strategy depends as much on public acceptance of the killing of the pre-born as it does on Morgentaler-type abortuaries becoming an ordinary part of the Canadian service environment like the corner post-office or variety store.  So, it is not an incidental public-relations ploy that, while violating the law, Morgentaler offers the “Morgue-‘n’-dollar” altruism: he claims to render a necessary public service as he hauls in money for killing babies.

In Toronto, Morgentaler hit the jackpot.  Together with agreeable, power-propitiating and pro-abortion politicians, his presence has corrupted the local police force (against the sworn duty of its members) so that it now protects the abortionist’s lawbreaking activities 24 hours a day.  Meanwhile, the police arrest citizens with the courage to witness to the law near the abortuary.  What more cold a criminal possibly desire?

Not surprisingly, in the wake of Morgentaler’s example, there are others in Ontario rushing to cash in, using their version of the “Morgue-‘n’-dollar” altruism.  As latecomers, they do not yet enjoy the protection for their illegal activities.  In fact, many have been prosecuted successfully and fined.

Some Ontario storekeepers have decided that the time has come to change the Sunday-shopping laws by violating them.  Premier Peterson has already implied a capitulation to their actions by suggesting that Sunday-shopping laws be reviewed.

Like Morgentaler, shopkeepers claim to render a necessary public service.  In their case, they say that they provide ‘a public service’: convenient” Sunday shopping for those who couldn’t purchase their requirements on weekdays.  They are making enough money to consider their legal problems only another business expense, even though the police have been instructed by the Attorney General to continue charging the lawbreaking storekeepers.

On January 12, in the Ontario Legislature, opposition Tory MPP Norm Sterling pointed to this blatant political hypocrisy on the part of the Ontario Attorney General who is charging stores that open on Sunday while providing protection for illegal abortionist Morgentaler.  Mr. Sterling stated that the Morgentaler case and the Sunday-shopping case are both before the Supreme Court of Canada and should, therefore, be treated equally by the police and that charges should be laid against anyone “breaking the law as it stands.”

Incredibly, Attorney General Ian Scott stated that there is no comparison between the Morgentaler case and that of the shopkeepers because Morgentaler has not been convicted, whereas several stores have sustained convictions for being open on Sundays.  (Morgentaler was acquitted by an Ontario jury but a re-trial was ordered.)

This is political gibberish: pure “doublespeak.”  It is “reason” that makes no sense at all even if one accepts a trendy disposition of justice via the legal quicksand of “community-standards” philosophies.  (See Community Standards are Killing Us in the December issue of The Interim.)

In a Toronto courtroom, as recently as December 9, Provincial Court Justice Lorenzo Di Cecco stated clearly, that, in no way is Morgentaler to be considered innocent simply because a jury has acquitted him.  But, according to Ian Scott, chief legal executive of the Province of Ontario and chief legal advisor to Premier Peterson, the Canadian Criminal Code cannot be enforced while charges are pending before a court.

By way of this perfect Catch-22, laws become enforceable only when a lawbreaker is convicted.  But, wait a minute: hasn’t Morgentaler been saying this all along?  Does he know something that we don’t, or, are Premier Peterson, Attorney General Ian Scott and Toronto Police Chief Marks, active partners in the indictable crimes of killing unborn children for no other reason except that they are inconvenient to the (usually voting-age) parents?

And, when will other promoters and would-be-phony altruists join the Marks / Morgentaler / Scott / Peterson partnership?  Who will be next?  Will it be the peddlers of child porno or of explicit homosexual magazines or drug pushers?

If, and when, porno peddlers and drug pushers set out to change the law by violating it (“serving humanity” and padding their bank accounts in the process) they might follow one more Morgentaler dictum and retain a modern psycho-selection agency to pick a jury sympathetic to their cause.  This foresight will translate easily into Orwellian “doublespeak” the native tongue of the Attorney General of Ontario and should let all the players (cops, politician’s criminals and clients) off the hook.

The “hook” is the age-old responsibility we inherit as people created by God: to uphold human rights for all and protect the innocent.

To find a precedent for legal abortion in any civilized – or even any primitive – culture, we have to go back to the decadent and slave-supported Greek and Roman worlds.  The unborn have (for the most part) always been protected.

Abortion, like AIDS, is fatal.  In Canada, this violent and sophisticated social “dis-ease” was legalized by politicians (John Turner, Mark Lalonde, and Pierre Trudeau) in 1969 and quickly spread to infect thousands with the help of “Morgue-‘n’-dollar” altruisms.

In Ontario, outright illegal abortion is tolerated by weak and merely management-conscious politicians, like David Peterson and Ian Scott, who remain ignorant of the ethics of real leadership and are paralyzed with the false fear of losing some of their small but newly-won political power base.

Advanced by clever criminals, medical vultures, some politicians and all pro-abortionists, Morgue-‘n’-dollar altruisms continue to attempt to veil and excuse the slaughter of innocent human life.

Killing the patient is today presented as a medical “cure.”  This, the ultimate Morgue-‘n’-dollar altruism, is a favourite with the pro-abortion politicians and the “therapeutic” abortion committees throughout Canada that use it as a deadly cover-up for the more the 60,000 tiny human hospital patients killed each year for money.

How many people will eventually die?  Part of the answer is between the equivocal lips of our corrupt politicians and law enforcement executives who support the Morgue-‘-n’-dollar altruism and protect the guilty so that they can violate the truly innocent.