Alberta Progressive Conservative Premier Alison Redford resigned on March 19 following a caucus revolt over extravagant travel expenses including a $45,000 tab to attend Nelson Mandela’s funeral in December. Redford, who became leader and premier in 2011 and was elected in 2012, supports legal abortion and same-sex “marriage,” and came out against conscience rights in the 2012 provincial campaign … For the fourth year in a row, Bishop of Pembroke Michael Mulhall has directed priests in his diocese to donate the funds from an annual collection for Development & Peace (the Canadian bishops’ international development organization) towards other Catholic organizations connected with the diocese. LifeSiteNews has exposed that D&P partners with pro-abortion organizations in the developing world … The Supreme Court of Canada has upheld the conviction of Craig Jaret Hutchinson, who received 18 months of jail time for in December 2011 for sexual assault after poking holes in his girlfriend’s condoms. His girlfriend, who became pregnant, had an abortion, and later suffered a uterine infection, was deprived of the choice to become pregnant, according to the decision written by Chief Justice Beverley McLachlin and Justice Thomas Cromwell.

United States

On page 950 of the budget proposed by President Barack Obama, there is a stipulation that foreign aid for “global health programs” that “not less than $575 million should be made available for family planning/reproductive health, including in areas where population growth threatens biodiversity or endangered species.” Hot Air’s Guy Benson was incredulous, wondering does Obama’s budget really “fund overseas abortions to protect endangered species?” … Planned Parenthood president Cecile Richards, being interviewed by Jorge Ramos on Fusion TV, was asked about when life begins. Richards replied: “I don’t know that it’s really relevant to the conversation” … Live Action has revealed that Oregon abortionist Peter Bours was quoted in the 2007 pro-abortion book, Safe, Legal and Unavailable? Abortion Politics in the United States, saying that Planned Parenthood is “the Walmart of abortion clinics,” because it moves into communities and drives out business other private abortion facilities. In 2013, Bours, who have been doing abortions since 1977, closed his Eugene, Oregon abortion mill … On March 19, the Minnesota Supreme Court upheld the state ban on assisted suicide, but found the prohibition on “encouraging” suicide unconstitutional. The ruling regarded the case of William Melchert-Dinkel, a former nurse who was found guilty of “advising and encouraging” the suicides of a British man and Canadian teenager Nadia Kajouji of Brampton, Ont., over the internet … On March 18, a bill allowing terminally ill “competent” adults to commit assisted suicide in Massachusetts has been sent to a study committee by the state’s Public Health Committee, which often means that it will not be acted upon before the end of the session. Assisted suicide was already narrowly rejected by voters in a 2012 ballot question … Connecticut State Rep. David Zoni believes that House Bill 5326, the state’s assisted suicide bill, will likely not be voted on this year after a March 17 public hearing: “I don’t see a lot of strong support for it,” he told the Southington (Conn.) Record Journal. During the hearing Dr. Jacqueline Harvey of Reproductive Research Audit testified that “terminally ill citizens were told by state medical plan authorities that they would not pay the cost of pain-control, but would cover the cost of their suicides.”


Amnesty International sent a Memorandum to Mexico president Enrique Pena recommending the country liberalize abortion laws. The Supreme Judicial Court has affirmed the right of 18 (of 32) Mexican states that constitutionally protect the life of the unborn child. The Amnesty report, “Human Rights Challenges Facing Mexico,” says the Latin American country should end “the criminalization of abortion” to ensure “women and girl’s access to safe abortion services in cases of rape, incest and where the woman or girl’s health is at risk”… Russian officials are proposing to ban adoptions by citizens of countries that allow child euthanasia, which would pertain to Belgium … Walsall Manor Hospital in the West Midlands in Great Britain has apologized for an “administrative error” that resulted in the storage of the remains of 86 unborn children who died of miscarriage or abortion from 2010 to 2013. The hospital will cremate the babies and be subjected to an investigation by the Human Tissue Authority Tim Montgomerie wrote a column in The Times on March 13 warning that legalizing assisted suicide will lead to a slippery slope: “The right to die will be irresistible to a society with a near absolutist belief in individual self-determination” … is relaunching a Spanish-language service under the name Notifam made possible by donation by a Mexican benefactor.