Ironically, in a country with a past prime minister who famously preened about the state having “no place in the bedrooms of the nation,” the schoolroom is becoming a seminar for the boudoir. Ministries of education across the country are refashioning grade school curricula according to the postulates of tendentious, pseudo-scientific ideologies of identity. The radical politics of sexual education have become the norm for all grades in schools across Canada.

Is abortion simply “something the woman decides to do with the help of a doctor,” something which “has little chance” of causing “health problems in the future?” Is masturbation just “something that people of all ages and genders may choose to do?” And is “sex” a category which is based only on the body while gender is something based only on the brain? According to the resources provided to teachers by the Toronto Public Health board, they are – and this example is just one of any number which could be adduced to indict the ideological agenda of our so-called “educators.”

The blatant indoctrination of our children into the preposterous fictions of the secular state’s religion of sexual identity is abhorrent. But, even if were not inimical to the religious freedom of families, even if it did not dangerously abrogate the rights of parents, and even if the institution of such curricula – more appropriate for courtesans than school children – did not quietly encourage the practices it advertises under the auspices of mere “information,” one could still object to such programs in the strongest possible terms. Our schools are already failing children quite badly. Apart from confusing them about their identities, encouraging extracurricular experimentation with each other (and with themselves), and thereby exposing them to all the dangerous physical, psychological, and emotional consequences caused by premature encounters with the mysteries of life, these scandalous, and prurient proselytizing interferes with the actual education of our children.

Nevertheless, in their wisdom, our school boards have decided to take from our teachers time they don’t have to teach them “facts” that aren’t true about identities that didn’t exist before they were invented by the intellectual fellow-travellers of a radical political agenda. Under the cover of code-words such as “bullying,” “tolerance,” “acceptance,” and “equality,” children are being initiated into an ideology which their parents have no opportunity to contest. Those same parents, therefore, must appeal to the school boards themselves and demand that their children learn reading, writing, and arithmetic, and not the latest trends from a perverse political fringe.