-At Home


Strike against life


Even when Manitoba burses went on strike January 1, 1991, babies still died in the province’s hospitals. “We consider abortion an essential service. There’s been no increase in the length of time a women has to wait for an abortion and we expect to keep it that way,” said James Rodger, assistant to the president of the Health Sciences Centre.


Pampering, but no Pampers


Vancouver’s newest abortuary, the Elizabeth Bagshaw Women’s Clinic, named after the doctor who first peddled contraceptives in Hamilton, Ontario, coddles the upper-income professional, says one B.V. prolifer. This matches Canadian statistics. The majority of women who commit to abortion are able to care for their child in every way.


High crime?


Meanwhile, back at Everywomen’s Health Centre, Vancouver’s first abortuary, police arrested pro-life university student Carolyn Kassier on March 23. After a weekend in jail, Miss Kassier found she had been charged with ‘aggressive pamphleteering’!


-South of the Border


What’s unsaid?


The Johns Hopkins School of Medicine recently published the results of an adolescent pregnancy stuffy conducted at four Baltimore schools. At the first two, a social worker and nurse counseled groups and individuals. Two medical and contraceptive clinics were handy to the schools. Students received at the second two received Maryland’s standard sex education course. At the end of the three years, pregnancies had dropped 30 per cent at the first two, but risen by 58 per cent at the second two. Conclusion: Unwed mothers in tested schools had unfettered access to abortion – buried in the inoffensive phrases ‘individual counselling’ and ‘medical services’ – and sex education is worse than useless in preventing sexual adventures.