Addressing the annual REAL Women conference held in Ottawa in early May, National President Judy Anderson slammed “totalitarian feminism” which she said has “hijacked government funding” and falsely claims t o speak for all Canadian women.


Family Women


Mrs. Anderson is the mother of two young daughters and a full-time special education with 20 years experience.


She said “the concerns of family women, especially those who remain in the home, often at a great personal and economic sacrifice, have been ignored and even reviled by the radical feminists.”


The one-day conference, attending by 150 REAL Women supporters, heard from a wide variety of speakers who addressed such issues as pornography, child care, women in combat and the Charter of Rights and Freedoms.


Attacking the Family


Gwen Landolt, lawyer and REAL Women’s National Vice-President, set the tone for the conference by describing how home makers and traditional family are against in Canada.


In 1952, she said, a husband could deduct 33 per cent of his income for the spouse and children. Today he same man would be able to deduct less than ten per cent.


Radical feminists, Mrs. Landolt said, dislike the idea of women being dependant on their husbands, and wish to see as many women as possible forced out of the home. Governments also wish to force women into paying jobs so that their will be an ever-increasing tax base on which to draw.


For years, radical feminists and those who support their agenda have said that at least 60 per vent of women are to be found in the paid workplace. In actual face, Landolt explained that, only about 37 per cent actually have been inflated by the inclusion of women who are paid small amounts of money for performing jobs that take up an insignificant amount of their time.




Moving onto the judicial sphere. Landolt explained to the audience how judges are being indoctrinated in the radical feminist ideology. All those who are being appointed to the bench are now required to attend a gender equality course which is offered at the Canadian Judicial Council’s Education Centre in Ottawa.


The creator of the course is none other than LEAF (Women’s Legal Educational and Action Fund), a government-funded organization that seeks to achieve radical feminist goals by bringing court challenges under the authority of the Charter of Rights.


In a recent article published in Reality, the REAL Women news magazine, Landolt described the base textbook to be used to instruct judges on gender equality. Entitled Equality and Judicial Neutrality, the book is little more than a propaganda tool intended to facilitate feminist control over the Canadian courts, she averred. One of the editors of the work is Calgary law professor Sheilah Martin, a legal spokesman the CBC uses whenever the abortion issue is in the news and the Canadian public is to be given the ‘correct’ (i.e. feminist) perspective on the law.


Most especially galling she said, were the recent statements by Supreme Court Justice Beverly McLachlin who, like retired Justice Bertha Wilson, has vowed to interpret the law and the Charter according to her personal feminist ideology. Mrs. McLachlin, Mrs. Landolt said, it is forty-five years of age and could be sitting on the Supreme Court for another thirty years dispensing the feminist vision of justice.


REAL Women has recently filed a complaint with the Canadian Judicial Council asking that McLachlin be replaced in the bench by a judge who intends to remain fair and impartial.