Kerry advised to advocate abortion, birth control

WASHINGTON, DC – Planned Parenthood president Gloria Feldt told Newsweek Democratic nominee John Kerry should do more to promote abortion and birth control in his campaign for the presidency. She encouraged Kerry to show his true colours in a more public way: “I think they’re doing themselves a disservice, particularly with the women voters whom they need to bring out, if they don’t talk more about their agenda for women’s reproductive health.” Kerry has tried to fudge his abortion position in an attempt to reach out especially to Catholic voters in swing states such as Pennsylvania, Ohio and Missouri by saying that he believes life begins at conception but that a woman still has a right to choose. Feldt suggested that Kerry reach out to voters ambivalent about abortion by playing up his commitment to expanding birth control in America.

Governor signs pro-life legislation

ANCHORAGE – Alaska Governor Frank Murkowski signed into law a bill that would require women seeking abortions to be counselled on the procedure’s risks and abortion alternatives. Murkowski, a former senator elected governor in 2002, promised then not to change the state’s abortion policies. His spokesman said that signing the informed consent law does not change the state’s abortion law because it is still legal. The law also requires that information about fetal development at four-week increments, including photos, be put on the state’s websites.

Bishops to deny communion to -abortion pols

ATLANTA – Three southern U.S. bishops said that elected officials who support abortion and refuse to recant their position should be denied communion at Catholic churches in their dioceses. Archbishop John F. Donoghue of Atlanta and bishops Peter J. Jugis and Robert J. Baker of Charlotte, N.C. and Charleston, S.C. respectively, said in a joint statement: “Catholics in political life have the responsibility to exemplify in their public service (the pro-life) teaching of the Church, and to work for the protection of all innocent life … Catholic public officials who consistently support abortion on demand are cooperating with evil in a public manner.”