Indian capital legalizes gay sex

NEW DELHI – Justice S. Muralidhar of New Delhi’s High Court decriminalized consensual gay sex between adults in a controversial decision on July 2. The law only applies within city limits, but sets a legal precedent that may be invoked by courts across India. While India’s gays celebrated the victory, spiritual leaders in the religiously diverse country strongly voiced their disapproval. “Islam is totally against it. Islam does not allow any unnatural act,” said Kamal Faruqui of India’s Muslim Personal Law Board in a CNN article. “No Muslim in the world, let alone India, can ever support it.”

Dignitas kills famous couple

ZURICH – Sir Edward Downes, a world-renowned British orchestra conductor, and his wife, Lady Joan Downes, recently took their lives at a Swiss suicide clinic, making headlines around the globe. The London Metropolitan Police are investigating the deaths, because it is illegal to assist in a suicide under British law. However, at least 115 Britons have died at suicide clinics run by the organization Dignitas since it began its “work” in 1998 and no family or friends have ever been prosecuted. Sir Edward, 85, was nearly blind and had deteriorating hearing, while Lady Downes had been recently diagnosed with cancer. Their son, Caractacus Downes, told London’s Evening Standard, “They wanted to be next to each other when they died. They held hands across the beds. It is a very civilized way to be able to end your life.” The event has sparked renewed calls for the legalization of euthanasia in Britain. Pro-life groups pointed to the fact that strictures limiting euthanasia to terminally ill patients did nothing to protect Sir Edward, who was elderly, but not deathly ill.

Clinton changes stance on SSM

Washington – Former president Bill Clinton told the Campus Progress National Conference in Washington D.C. he has reversed his position and now supports same-sex “marriage.” He explained that, although he signed the Defence of Marriage Act while president, he now thinks “it’s wrong for someone to stop someone else from doing that (same-sex “marriage”).” During the 2008 Democratic primaries, he defended DOMA, but while in Toronto in May, he said his position on same-sex “marriage” was “evolving.” Writing for the American Spectator Online, George Neumayr said: “The Democratic party’s official and obviously brittle and insincere opposition to gay ‘marriage’ crumbles by the week”