Washington, U.S.The Worldwatch Institute, a private organization, wants to save the world from pollution.  In its latest 250 page book, the first of four steps calls for a drastic restriction of people.  In this respect the totalitarian regime of China is its ideal; families should have only one child with mandatory abortion and stiff penalties for parents who break the law.  The Toronto Star which carried the story on its front page (Sunday, February 19), did not mention that the institute is an affiliate of Planned Parenthood.

Zwolle, The Netherlands – The pro-life organization, “Cry for Life” (Schreeuw om leven) has announced a debate about whether or not to consider direct action against Dutch abortuaries.  Until now it has restricted itself to picketing such places.  Although its members have , by tradition, a deep respect for the law, civil disobedience through peaceful blocking of the entrances to the “clinics” has become necessary, spokesman Dorenbos declared recently.  He intends to influence a firmer attitude among Christian Democrats in future national and European elections.