Ottawa, Monday, July 11.  In a surprise, last minute, move the government suddenly called off its procedural debate that was to clear the way for further discussion of abortion of the three pro-abortion versions to be selected later that week.

Deputy House Leader Douglas Lewis claimed to have read opposition arguments against the procedure only on the weekend before.  The motion took the unprecedented stop of limiting debate stop of limiting debate and of denying MPs the right to propose amendments.

Another explanation for the sudden delay was the Government’s fear that the House might have voted down all three versions, leaving it with no guidance.  A number of pro-life MPs said they intended to defeat all three options, as did the Liberals and NDP in protest against the procedure.

Lewis admitted that the issue might not come back to the House before the summer break and might have to wait until late August or early fall.

Meanwhile Campaign Life Coalition placed advertisements in the Globe and Le Devoir warning Canadians that all three proposals are pro-abortion.  The media insists on calling Amendment A “pro-life.”

Victoriaville, Quebec, On Tuesday, July 5, 1988 Dr. Rene Jutras, well known in Quebec pro-life circles, was murdered by a thief.  The senseless slaying earned the thief 130 dollars!

Peterborough, Ontario, Ontario Health Minister Elinor Caplan has approved an annual operating grant of $630,482 for the hotly resisted abortion centre.  It also receives a one time capital grant of $89,000.

Vancouver, B.C., Thousands of BCers are participating in Lifelines, a cross Canada relay walk put together by Canadian for Life, a national umbrella group of mainly Protestant pro-lifers.  Walk began in Prince Rupert on June 23.  Goal is to reach Ottawa on September 7.

Washington, D.C., Democratic Presidential Candidate Michael Dukakis is the most pro-abortion candidate ever to run for the U.S. Presidency.  He has a 100 per cent voting record in favour of abortion on demand and tax-funding of abortion.

At a 1986 pro-abortion rally he stated, “I don’t know when life begins.  I’m not sure I ever will.”