Ottawa – Mother Teresa will speak at a pro-life rally September 17 on Parliament Hill.  Mother Teresa, renowned for her work with India’s poor, was asked to speak as a special guest, by Ian Speirs of Christians for Life the organizers of the rally.

Others taking part in the day-long rally include Heather Stillwell, president of Alliance for Life and Jim Hughes, president of Campaign Life Coalition.

Ottawa – Borowski’s October 3, 1988, Supreme Court case has one more “intervenor,” a coalition of nine religious denominations, the Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops announced on September 7.   Intervenors are permitted to make a presentation to the Supreme Court.

Other intervenors are the radical feminist, pro-abortion, legal action group LEAF and the pro-family, REAL Women, LEAF’s intervention is fully paid for with money from the federal government.  REAL Women’s application for financial assistance in the costly undertaking was denied.

Two members of LEAF met with Supreme Court Justice Dickson some months ago to discuss feminist causes.