On May 10 over 80 pro-lifers picketed Iona Campagnolo in Thunder Bay. Ms Campagnolo was greeted by women and children carrying placards such as: Iona discriminates against tiny pre-born women;” “Iona does not have my vote;” and “Liberal support; Iona aborts!”

Campagnolo, current president of the Liberal Party of Canada, is being talked of as the nest Liberal leader (see The Interim, March 1983). She is a C.A.R.A.L. board member and has publicly stated her approval of abortion on demand.

In Thunder Bay she is quoted as saying: “I have concern both for the living women and for the fetus but the fact is choices have to be made. You cannot legislate morals… you can only teach people.”

Bonnie Grootenboer, organizer of the pro-life picket, writes on how she did it, elsewhere in this issue of The Interim.