Toronto, Ont.

The Christian Heritage Party has over 10 000 paid up members all across Canada, most of them in Ontario.

“No matter when the next federal election is called,” said Ed Vanwoudenberg, the national leader, on a visit to Toronto “we will have fifty candidates running and the majority of them in Ontario. We have to full-time organizers, one in the west. The Lord is blessing us. We have enough money coming in to keep going. A lot of it is raised through fundraising dinners”.

Referring to the federal Liberals being 6.5 million dollars in the red, Mr. Vanwoudenberg said laughingly: “We’re 6.5 million dollars ahead of them”!

Mr. Vanwoudenberg has been travelling across Canada visiting various riding associates and giving speeches in schools and halls to upwards of 300 people during the past year. He said he returned home after a long absence his son called him ‘sir’.

Ed Vanwoudenberg stated that he has always enjoyed a good working relationship with the Ontario Family Coalition Party and he looked forward to working in tandem with them in the next federal election.

He stoutly defended the use of the name ‘Christian’ in his party, saying that is what it stood for – Christian principles and our Christian heritage on which the country was founded. These have largely been abandoned by the old line parties he stated. Everybody should be attracted to the principles that we espouse, he said.

Mr. Ed Vanwoudenberg agrees with Frank Schaeffer, the American Evangelical pro-life activist, that pro-lifer must vote as a bloc consistently for pro-life candidates. “We must agree that no matter what other issues we have disagreements on, whether they be issues of defence, foreign aid or other public policy, we must ALL agree on this one issue. We will not elect candidates who are not clearly pro-life. And we will actively fight against candidates who are pro-abortion or even undecided or uncommitted.