Editor’s Note: The Interim interviewed Campaign Life Coalition national president Jeff Gunnarson the day after the election.

The Interim: What does CLC want to see out of the next Parliament? 

Jeff Gunnarson: The Conservatives can’t appear as if they’re back on their heels. The pro-life MPs must be our voice in Parliament. They need to push back against the Trudeau agenda in a very aggressive and public way. The Conservatives ran a weak campaign excluding any position that showed support for the unborn or the traditional family. It may be a short-lived Parliament but the Conservatives and all MPs of good will ought to make life and family top priority. 

TI: What is the biggest disappointment from this election campaign or election result?

JG: As stated above, there was no mention from our pro-life MPs (that I am aware of), what they will do to bring about dignity for all human beings. When asked, they were singing from the party song sheet on our issues that a Conservative government would not restrict access to a woman’s so-called right to choose … to kill her unborn baby. There was no fight in them, no push back with the COVID-related tyrannical measures the Trudeau and provincial governments brought down on Canadians. And, of course, we are disappointed in the low number of pro-life candidates elected (and not elected), but it’s to be expected when you don’t make life a priority in your campaign.

TI: What is the most heartening takeaway from this election campaign or election result? 

JG: The silver lining in this is the likelihood of a leadership review which will serve, hopefully, to get rid of Erin O’Toole and his pro-abortion, anti-family, left-leaning agenda. And perhaps Justin Trudeau will not like the results and resign, so the Liberals might find a new leader who is less enthusiastic about promoting abortion.

TI: What is CLC’s advice to its supporters right now? 

JG: Focus on prayer for your family, an end to COVID, and for our country. We need faith-filled, strong, virtuous, smart, and caring leaders in our politics and our churches. Keep a watchful eye on what’s happening in your local city councils, often the catalyst for Godless, self-serving activism which finds its way into provincial and federal politics. CLC is getting ready for municipal and provincial elections. The fight to defend the sanctity of life never ends.