On Saturday, May 12, 1984, Planned Parenthood of Canada placed an ad in the Toronto Globe and Mail. The ad stated that Planned Parenthood has “helped make birth control legal in this country,” and that “a vocal minority world-wide is gaining support to ban all forms of birth control.” The ad asked for financial support to “help prevent this from happening in Canada.”

Within the text of the ad is an open message to Monique Begin, Minister of Health, which supporters of Planned Parenthood were asked to sign. The message begins, “I am a voter who believes that the federal government has a responsibility to ensure that birth control information and services are available to all information and services are available to all Canadians…” It goes on to state that Planned Parenthood will undertake to deliver the message to the Health Minister.

As well, the ad contained a statement saying Planned Parenthood was a registered charitable organization and that tax receipts would be issued to those who contribute money. Yet, the Department of National Revenue makes it quite clear to charitable groups that political lobbying is contrary to regulations. Groups, like Campaign Life, that lobby are for that reason expressly denied “charitable” status.

Planned Parenthood has a history engaging in political activity. During the federal election of May, 1979, Planned Parenthood, together with YWCA (which also has charitable status) and the Canadian Association for the Repeal of the Abortion Law (C.A.R.A.L.) issued a manifesto calling for abortion-on-demand to the National Voluntary Organization of Canada. In it, they stated that they intended “to circulate enclosed material to all candidates in the national federal election.”

Certainly, during the past year, religious groups and charitable organizations have been sent a letter by the Department of National Revenue, advising them that they were forbidden to request that any of their members write to members of Parliament advocating any change in legislation.

It would appear that Planned Parenthood of Canada has been accorded a privileged position by the federal Liberal government. Not only is it almost totally supported by federal tax dollars, (it has accepted over $6,000,000 during the past 12 years) but this organization also seems to be entirely exempt from the prohibition of political activity imposed by the government on all other charitable organizations.

It should be noted that Planned Parenthood of Canada is the largest and best-organized pro-death group on the continent. The fact that they promote death for the unborn is not unknown to the government, stated that Planned Parenthood is the largest abortion-referral agency in Canada.

Those wishing to express their concern over the special privilege accorded to an agency that promotes the killing of children may write to:

Hon Pierre Bussieres,

Ministry of National Revenue

House of Commons

Ottawa, Ontario

K1A 0A6