TORONTO – More than 2,500 pro-life supporters braved chilly temperature and gushing winds to march through the streets of downtown Toronto on

Mother’s Day eve to protest against hospitals performing abortions.

The walk was organized by the Right to Life Association of Toronto and Area to celebrate respect for life and the protection of the unborn. This was the fifth annual walk organized the Toronto Right to Life. Several other Right to Life associations stage similar walks throughout the province of Mother’s Day or Mother’s day eve.

Prior to the walk, pro-life supporters met at Nathan Phillips Square of Toronto City Hall for a welcome from Toronto Campaign Life chairman Jim Hughes. Following Mr. Hughes welcome, the gathering was entertained by the trio of Mike McCarthy, Peter Bissonnette and Lesley O’Connor, who performed a medley of Christian and pro-life songs.

“We will not allow our healing institutions to become services of killing,” said Toronto Right to Life president Laura McArthur. “We are here because we care very deeply about the youngest member of the human family, the unborn child.”

Mrs. McArthur said pro-life supporters understand the feeling of young mothers who are distressed with their pregnancies and may be considering abortion. “We are prepared to care for both the mother and child in our society,” she said.

The gathering left Nathan Phillips Square and proceeded north on University Ave. Several walkers carried signs showing the abortion statistics of Toronto hospital for 1982. Others carried signs, which read “Stop Killing Babies.” The gathering walked past Toronto General and Mount Sinai hospitals, both of which led all other hospitals in the number of abortions performed in 1982. In previous walks, pro-life supporters often were heckled by pro-abortions supporters. There were no such incidents at this year’s walk.

The walkers returned to Nathan Phillips Square where they lit candles in memory of aborted babies. June Scandiffio, co-ordinator of speakers for the Toronto Right to life, told the gathering that the pro-life message now is getting through to young people. She said students used to be “belligerent” to the pro-life message but they now are more responsive.

“Students are no longer fooled by the pro-choice rhetoric,” Mrs. Scandiffio said, “They have come to understand that we are not free to choose to kill. The freedom of choice ends where the rights of another begin.”

Mrs. McArthur said the walk was “a smashing success,” especially considering the number of young people who turned out. She said young people are turning away from the pro-abortion cause in favour of pro-life. She also said the large turnout indicates that the pro-life movement is being taken seriously by the public. “The walk shows that we have the support and that we’re not going to go away.”

(Reprinted from The Catholic Register)