Liberals for Life, in cooperation with Campaign Life, is entering the second phase of its election activity.

The first phase consisted of attempting to identify aspirants, who were pro-life, for nomination as official party candidates in local ridings. Too frequently Campaign Life searched for and sponsored a nominee who said he was pro-life but who would not stay pro-life. That is to say these candidates would, at a later date, erode his position for the sake of getting elected.

The second phase involves interviewing the official candidates and securing in writing their pro-life or pro-abortion positions. Election campaign support is then offered to pro-life candidates.

The federal Liberal party, which has no current official policy on abortion, has by its inaction and stonewalling on the issue, begun acquiring the unenviable reputation as the “pro-death” party. The president of the Liberal party is an avowed and active pro-abortion militant. Similar key party positions are held by their pro-abortion activist counter parts in the N.D.P. and Conservative parties.

Where there is qualified pro-life candidate running in your riding although not of your political party, stiffen your resolve, switch your support and vote for the pro-life candidate. Hard to do, yes! But if your own party’s candidate is not pro-life, he has disqualified himself by surely as if that candidate disqualified himself by advocating decriminalization of rape laws on the ground that rape is a private matter. After all, there is an innocent victim in every abortion.

A.D. Selinger  is National Chairman of Liberals for Life.