During the last 12-month the pro-life people of Canada have found a number of ways to show the inaccuracy of the findings of the Gallup Poll on abortion with its loaded questions.  Last October’s Ontario Rally, organized by Toronto Right to Life, outnumbered by over 50 to 1 the group of pro-abortionists who demonstrated on the same day.  For every pro-lifer present in the 35,000 crowd there were hundreds of others who would have loved to be present but who were prevented by age, work, illness, distance etc., from taking part.  These people have however been able to cast their pro-life vote by mail.  Men and women (many of whom dislike writing letters) took up their pens and informed the companies that advertise in Homemaker’s that in future they would take their custom elsewhere in order to avoid subsidizing even indirectly a publication that delivers unwanted pro-abortion propaganda to their homes. One person’s voice may seem unimportant but multiplied by thousands the voices created a chorus loud enough to convey a message, first to the advertisers, and through them to Homemaker’s.

Jim Hughes, the President of Campaign Life told The Interim that on April 11th he received a letter from Jane Gale, editor of Homemaker’s in which she acknowledged that the columns on abortion “have generated more mail and more media attention than anything else ever carried within our pages,” and that the flood of mail shows “that the public holds very strong views on this subject.”  Ms. Gale invited Mr. Hughes to present the views of Campaign Life in a letter of 400 words which would be published in the July issue, but the same issue would also contain a letter of equal length from Norma Scarborough of the Canadian Abortion Rights Action League.

Mr. Hughes said that a note, written not by him but by Gwen Landolt (Campaign Life legal counsel), has been sent to Homemaker’s along with a covering letter from Mr. Hughes to Ms. Gale.

In the covering letter Mr. Hughes points out that by publishing CARAL’s note along with that of Campaign Life’s Homemaker’s has done nothing to counteract the pro-abortion bias and therefore the policy with regard to the advertisers remains unchanged.

The letter below was sent to Campaign Life by Ms. Gale, editor of Homemaker’s:

Dear Mr. Hughes:

As you know, Homemaker’s Magazine over the past 11 years has published three columns supporting the belief that women should have the freedom of choice on the matter of abortion.  These columns have generated more mail and media attention than anything else ever carried within our pages.

Clearly this is a highly charged, emotional subject, and as might be expected, our mail has reflected this fact.  It has also shown us that the public holds very strong views on this subject.

Because of the unprecedented interest in this debate, Homemaker’s has decided to invite the two leading protagonists for each side to present their views in the magazine.  As the leading spokesperson for Campaign Life we would be pleased if you would consider this invitation.  The same invitation is being extended to Norma Scarborough of the Canadian Abortion Rights Action League.

We would undertake to publish your letter unedited insofar as it pertains to Campaign Life’s position on this matter.  To ensure equal exposure we are asking each of you to limit the length of your letter to 400 words.  As we plan to publish these letters in our July issue, we would have to have your reply in hand no later than April 27.

I look forward to a favorable reaction to this request, and to the opportunity of presenting your views in our magazine.


Jane Gale,


The letter below is Campaign Life’s reply to the correspondence that appears on the left:

Dear Madam:

In reply to your letter of April 11th, 1984, we are forwarding the enclosed letter for publication in the July 1984 issue of Homemaker’s. You will notice that I have requested our legal counsel, Mrs. C. Gwendolyn Landolt, to present the views of Campaign Life.

However, we wish to comment that as Homemaker’s over the years has given only the pro-abortion side of the issue (and contrary to your letter, there have been more than three articles) to give us equal space with the president of a pro-abortion group can hardly be called to equalize the balance.  In point of fact the imbalance remains completely unchanged.  Accordingly we see no reason why we should alter our stand concerning Homemaker’s.

Further, we must insist, firstly that no pro-abortion terminology is applied to us – e.g. we will not be called “anti-choice” – we are PRO-LIFE, and secondly, our letter must not be edited to alter, in any iota, its meaning.

We also wish to inform you that it is our intention to send copies of all correspondence (your letter of April 11th, the enclosed letter to Homemaker’s, and this letter) to their advertisers, and to the President and Executive Members of Comac Communications Limited.

Yours truly,

James Hughes


Campaign Life Canada.

The letter below appears on the letters page in the current issue of Homemaker’s

Followed by a note from pro-abortionist Norma Scarborough:

Dear Madam:

Disguise it as you will, the fact remains that every induced abortion is the deliberate destruction of a human life, the direct killing of a tiny boy or girl.  With the advancements in modern medicine there are no medical reasons for abortion.  Abortions are performed in Canada to solve socio-economic problems of distressed pregnant women.  These problems are real, but should be treated with socio-economic solutions, not by the willful destruction of human life.

The whole thrust of modern fetology has shown beyond a shadow of doubt that the unborn child is an individual, distinct from the mother.  The facts of pre-natal development are well known, and today mothers (and fathers) can bond with their baby through ultra-sound months before birth.  It is well established that:

At 17 days    — the heart beats,

5 weeks  — the brain produces a measurable electro-encephalogram,

8 weeks  — all bodily systems are present,

9 weeks  — the baby’s skeleton is complete,

10 weeks – hands and feet are perfectly formed, and the finger prints, which forever

may be used to identify the individual, are already permanently engraved

on the skin.  The baby even sucks thumbs or toes.

11 weeks – the baby is extremely sensitive to pain.

When a mother chooses to abort her baby it is usually destroyed by one of the following procedures:

–         Suction – 29 times stronger than a vacuum cleaner, which tears the baby to pieces.

–         D & C – the baby is cut into pieces and scraped away

–         Saline – a concentrated salt solution is injected into the amniotic sac and not only poisons the baby but corrodes and strips off its skin.  Usually it takes the baby an hour to die.

–         Hysterotomy – like a Caesarian section.  Most babies are born alive but die quickly from lack of attention

–         D & E – like a D & C but done after 12 weeks

–         Prostaglandin – drugs, which produce labour at whatever stage of pregnancy.  The baby, if born alive, may be too small to survive.

These are the ugly facts of abortion.

Before conceiving, a woman has a right to choose.  The term pro-choice can only refer to the choice before conception; it cannot claim the right to kill.  Once conceived, the unborn have a fundamental right to life.  Both government and society have the duty to protect this life.  Our society has a further duty to support, love and assist distressed pregnant women.

Yours truly,

C. Gwendolyn Landolt

Legal Counsel

Homemaker’s has tried to overlook the fact that it has denied pro-lifers a voice.  We would urge you to continue your letter writing to the advertisers that are listed below.  If you have written before please write again.

Aunt Jemima Syrup

Quaker Oats Co. of Canada Ltd.

Colgate’s Toothpaste

Colgate-Palmolive Canada.

Fisher Price

Fisher Price Canada.

Paragon China

Doulton Canada Inc.

Scholl Foot Care Products

Scholl (Canada) Inc.

Covergirl Make-up

Noxzema Inc.

Catelli Plus Protein Spaghetti

Catelli (Special Products Division)

Country Kitchen Whipped Butter

Canada Packers Inc.

Campbell’s Chunky Beef Soup and other Campbell products

Campbell’s Soup Company Limited

Christie Oreo Cookies and other Christie products

Christie Brown and Company


Pond’s Cold Cream

Vaseline Lotion

Vaseline Application for Chapped Lips and other Pond products

Cheeseborough-Pond’s (Canada) Inc

Tab Cola

Coca-Cola Ltd.

French’s Mustard

Reckitt Colman Canada Inc.

Kraft Peanut Butter

Kraft Ltd.

Baker’s Unsweetened Chocolate

C/o General Foods

Bravo Spaghetti

Lancia – Bravo Foods

Fleischmann Unsalted Margarine

Nabisco Brands Ltd.

Smirnoff – St. Pierre (Canada) Ltd.

Distillers – Vodka

Du-Pont Carpets

Du-Pont Canada Inc.

Bick’s Pickles

Multi Foods Inc.

Lea-Perrins Worchestershire

C/o E.D. Smith & Sons

Singer Sewing Machines

The Singer Co.

Carnation Canned Milk

Carnation Inc.

Maytag Dishwasher and other Maytag products

Maytag Company Limited

McCain Frozen Orange Juice and other McCain products

McCain Foods Limited

McGuinness Vodka and other McGuinness products

McGuinness L.J. Co. Limited

Shirriff Oven Ready Casserole Potatoes and other Shirriff products


Simmons Beautyrest and other Simmons products

Simmons Ltd.

Children’s Size Aspirin and other Sterling products

Sterling Drug Limited

Clairol Hair Colour including L’Image Hair Colour Gel, Final Net, Loving Care

Clairol Canada

Maple Leaf Country Kitchen Whipped Butter

Canada Packers Inc.