In North Bay, community reaction to Morgentaler’s acquittal was instant and it was strong — 3,800 people strong.


In November, after the jury in Toronto acquitted Morgentaler of conspiring to procure an abortion, the local Right to Life group in North Bay took out a small advertisement in the North Bay Nugget which included a short list of pro-lifers who strongly disagreed with the jury decision. The advertisement stated in brief: “The jury that acquitted Morgentaler did not speak for all Canadians. The jurors did not represent us…If you would like to add your name to this list, please send in your name.”


Morgentaler was acquitted on November 8. On Friday, December 7, North Bay Right to Life published a full-page advertisement titles “Celebrate Life” in the North Bay Nugget, which included the 2,800 names of pro-lifers who had responded to the original advertisement. At the bottom of this page was the message: “On behalf of the unborn children of Canada, who depend on us to uphold their right to be born, we thank you very sincerely for your support and your commitment. Celebrate life.”