Speaking at the CLC Ontario Annual General Meeting in Niagara Falls, Campaign Life Coalition President Jim Hughes urged the ninety participants to discuss Federal Election Strategy in their local and regional areas. 

Reminding them that the pro-life movement is a grassroots organization, Mr. Hughes said that collective input from CLC supporters across Canada was necessary if we were to reach a consensus in formulating an election strategy. 

Major topics of discussion in dealing with federal election strategy were the Reform Party and its failure to take an open and unqualified pro-life position, Liberals for Life and its ability to influence Liberal MPs, the feasibility of supporting pro-life parties such as the Christian Heritage Party and the endorsement of certain candidates who openly voted and lived pro-life. 

Other issues discussed at the May 24-27 conference were Municipal Elections and the urgent need for pro-lifers to become involved, Euthanasia and its connection to Living Will legislation, RU-486 and the renewed efforts to have it marketed in Canada, plus the Canadian Rights Coalition which serves as an advocacy group for women abused by abortion. 

Dealing with the NDP Government was a topic which produced lively discussion and a position that, while we must reach out to all politicians, and voters, the NDP is so blatant in its pro-abortion, pro-homosexuality, radical feminist approach that attempts to change it are a waste of time. 

In an open forum participants condemned Bills 7 and 8 which addressed Living Wills and Power of Attorney. 

The Ontario representatives on the National Board, elected at the meeting are:

Jack Baribeau, John Carroll, Mary Ellen Douglas, Jim Hughes, Steve Jalsevac, Cindi Loforti, Paul Morgan, Winifride Prestwich, Margaret Purcell and Rhonda Wood.