Ross Belsher has been the Member of parliament for Fraser Valley East since the election of September 1984.  His British Columbia riding includes the cities of Chilliwack and Abbotsford.

Before his election to parliament, Belsher was a retail manager with a particular interest in local Chambers of Commerce.  A committed Christian, he is a member of the Christian and Missionary Alliance Church, taking an active involvement in church leadership in both Abbotsford and Chilliwack.

Because of the time limitation on the Mitges’ Motion debate, Belsher regrets that he was unable to speak to the motion, although he was in the House of Commons on June 2 to vote in favour of it.  Several weeks later he seized the opportunity to make his pro-life views known during debate on the Private Member’s Bill submitted by pro-life Member John Reimer, Bill C-216.

In supporting Reimer’s Bill, which would have limited abortion to cases involving a direct threat to the life of the mother, Belsher stated: “This Bill is very important because it recognizes that a human being does not just become a person the moment he or she is delivered from the security of his or her mother’s womb, but that he or she is a member of the human race from the moment of his or her conception.”

Belsher also spoke against Svend Robinson’s Bill C-208 to allow abortion-on-demand.  At that time he said: “The Member who introduced this Bill is from my home province and should be aware of the abortion statistics for B.C.  We do not have a record we can be r\proud of.  In fact, the figures are frightening…In 1984, 11,509 infants were killed by abortionists in B.C.  Since 25 per cent of abortion in B.C. are repeat abortions, no one is going to convince me that all these women were in grave danger as a result of their pregnancies.  What is now termed “therapeutic” abortion is nothing short of murder of unborn children.”

The pro-life Member from Fraser Valley East has also made other statements in the House of Commons in defence of the unborn child and family.  He recently served on the Special Committee on Child Care.