It is pretty standard for pro-life candidates to be asked about the rape and incest exception and for pro-life candidates to be asked about how they would handle a child having an abortion. But candidates who support abortion are never asked difficult questions probing the limits of their position. Trevin Wax at the Gospel Coalition has a list of “10 questions a pro-choice candidate is never asked by the media.” I wouldn’t hold my breath waiting for any journalist to pose one of these to a pro-abortion candidate. Many of the questions challenge the pro-choice position’s internal inconsistencies (support for abortion being pro-woman while abortion is being used to commit gendercide) and pro-choice rhetoric (a tragic choice upon which there are never any limits).

I would add one more to Wax’s list in light of the personal one asked of pro-life Republicans (how they would react to a pregnant daughter who wanted an abortion*): “How would you feel if you daughter or daughter-in-law killed aborted your grandchild?” Seems like a fair question.

* This was a favourite of Larry King, who in 1992 and 1996 seemed to ask it of every guest that came onto his show during the Republican convention.