Our December cover story offers a Cornucopean take on the world’s 7 billion people. There is no such thing as overpopulation — just more people, and as editor Paul Tuns notes in the article:

Whether by abortion or contraception, population control fanatics think the solution to the problem of famine, global warming, or war is fewer people.

But why eliminate the babies. Population growth is the result not of too many babies being born but an ever-increasing number of adults living longer. If population growth is a problem, so is a long life.

The world’s population is a testament to the ingenuity of man — a man that creates things that help overcome sickness and hunger so that people can live long lives. For the record, neither The Interim or Paul Tuns consider the growing numbers of elderly people a problem. The point is that population control focused on the beginning of life rather than the end ignores the real cause of population growth. As Tuns says: “So blame senior citizens for population growth, if you must, but not babies. Of course, it is easier to eliminate the unborn through abortion because it is done in private; culling grandparents would be a public relations nightmare which is probably why the UN and population control supporters haven’t advocated it (yet).”