Andrea Mrozek in C2C Journal on the impending full decriminalization of prostitution:

While honest citizens must protest the current situation — minors and trafficked women in “massage parlours” — it is just as important to protest the pending complete decriminalization. Greater freedom will not be the outcome. Rather, those fighting for good in our country will have fewer tools at their disposal, and possibly, the force of the law directed against them.

And to add greater impetus to getting involved, Mrozek notes that a massage parlour in British Columbia that is almost certainly a brothel is located next to a ballet school. Mrozek warns: “Girls age three to 18 go for their lessons. So it can’t be long before they find their next employee—just hope it isn’t your niece or your daughter.”

If prostitution is legal, there is no reason why the massage parlour shouldn’t advertise at the ballet school for future employees — like those colleges that ask students to imagine their future if they graduate from their school. But how many people calling for prostitution to be legalized would be happy to have a daughter grow up wanting to be a hooker? Just saying.