The January issue of The Interim features a column by Jim Kaine, a grandfather whose daughters both had abortions, robbing not only the child of its life, but their parents of their own grandchildren. It is a touching story and one that we at the paper were very happy to publish. The voice of people affected by abortion is seldom heard in the media, which is one reason The Interim newspaper exists. Here’s an excerpt:

I have a heart that is saddened when I think of the two lives that were destroyed by the decision of my two daughters to end their second pregnancies by way of, what the world calls, abortion.

Why is my heart sad? It is sad because when I look at the two beautiful granddaughters that I have now, I cannot help but think of the two lives that were destroyed in the wombs of their mothers, that would have been just as beautiful, full of life and able to touch my heart, as well as those around them, with happiness.