Last week I noted Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s call to action to reduce maternal and infant mortality in the developing world and how the agenda of authentic assistance to the world’s most vulnerable people might be hijacked by a pro-abortion agenda of groups like Action Canada for Population Development. Brian Lilley has a good column at about this in which he notes that most people do not equate abortion with the goal of reducing maternal and infant deaths. As Lilley says:

I think we can all agree that when a politician says we should reduce the number of children that die before their fifth birthday, one of the solutions you automatically think of is not abortion.

The ACPD agenda is to quicken the deaths so that children die before birth rather than linger on Earth for a few miserable years. That surely is not what Harper has in mind, although Lilley suggests that some G8 leaders might have views closer to Action Canada’s than the Prime Minister’s. It will be difficult for the government to ensure that the money they want to go to helping women with real health care (including safe deliveries of babies), nutrition, clean water and inoculations, will not go to funding abortion and contraception in the developing world because, as Lilley states, “the policy people have other ideas in mind.” A good start is for the politicians to understand they must work hard to ensure the government’s priorities are implented, rather than those of the NGOs and the Canadian International Development Agency.