One of the Abortioneers raises an interesting point that is highlighted by Jiving J at Jill Stanek:

I’ve never had an abortion. I’ve never even had a pregnancy scare, though that’s probably more because of the lack of opportunity than anything else. Sometimes I start to think that I could have just a teeny bit more Abortioneer cred if I had had an abortion, even though I don’t really believe that there is a hierarchy of pro-choicedness.

I’ve heard the old argument that you can’t criticize abortion unless you have had one or faced a crisis pregnancy (hogwash: you don’t need to have cancer to know its bad or to have coloured skin to know racism is wrong), but the idea of experiencing abortion to increase one’s “abortioneer cred” is new to me.

However, there is an even more insightful comment made by Desembarazarme, the author of the post. She says:

In any event, if I did have an unintended pregnancy, I would have an abortion, and it would not be up for debate, with myself, or anyone else.

Usually even pro-aborts give lip service to the notion that abortion is a difficult decision that women struggle with. I don’t know if I believe this woman would not really debate herself (by which she means give having an abortion a second thought) or whether it reveals how much abortion and the tiny life the procedure snuffs out is trivialized by abortionists.