Obamacare is wrong on every level, from life issues to its budget-busting costs to its dependency-creating government interventionism. There is nothing redeeming in it. But if it dies, it will be due to the work of pro-lifers who have made the bill about abortion funding as much, if not more than health care coverage itself. That is mostly due to the heroic work of Bart Stupak, a Democrat even I could vote for. Kathryn Jean Lopez makes note of the fact that the Michigan congressman is vowing to defeat the bill if it does not include his amendment’s language on abortion. Either way the bill will die: either two dozen pro-life Democrats will vote against Obamacare because it funds abortion or two dozen (or more) pro-abortion Democrats will vote against reform because it doesn’t. More than any politician (other than Barack Obama and his congressional minions) and more than any lobby group, Stupak made this bill about abortion. Libertarians who oppose this big government scheme and social conservatives who did not want abortion access increased under the guise of health care reform can thank Stupak for saving the United States from the worst piece of legislation the country has seen in generations.