MercatorNet has an article by Vincenzina Santoro of the American Family Association that is worth reading. It is highly critical of Bill Gates, his criticism of Italy’s prime minister for reducing aid, and the Gates’ foundation for promoting and supporting abortion and contraception in its charitable operations. How charitable is it to promote eliminating the next generation of Africans or Asians? Why are liberals never asked these questions?

Here’s the key excerpt, which goes to the heart of questioning the Gates Foundation’s moral rectitude and self-righteousness:

[W]ho is helping the poor? Surely the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation provides plenty of assistance through grants. Bill Gates can show lots of personal pictures, balance sheets and even an “Annual Letter” to toot his own horn and chastise those who do not do as he does. His recently released 2010 letterexplains how the Gateses have given away millions of dollars for worthy causes especially for disease control and prevention such as malaria.

But the Gates Foundation also provides plenty of financial assistance so that certain nonprofit organizations have all the abortifacients they need, especially in Africa. William H. Gates Sr., Bill’s father, who also is part of the Foundation, was once head of Planned Parenthood. Bill Gates is in bed with the culture of death. He fully embraces the “fewer people, better environment” ideology.

Mr Gates’ 2010 letter includes this line: “… not spending on health is a bad deal for the environment because improvements in health, including voluntary family planning, lead people to have smaller families, which in turn reduces the strain on the environment.”

This is the arrogance of his kind of philanthropy – a direct contradiction of the word’s true meaning!