In the final days before we went to press, we had to downsize the paper from 20 to 16 pages which is always a lot of work. It is unpleasant having to cut stories — shortening stories or taking them out completely.

Still, it’s a packed paper with articles on the defeat of C-510 (anti-coercive abortion bill), the report stage passing of C-389 (transgender bill), an appreciation of the life of Heather Stilwell, a “bold” editorial, an “I-told-you-so” editorial, an edited version of my previously published thoughts on Latimer, Rory Leishman’s review of George W. Bush’s memoirs, Michael Coren’s take on progressive intellectuals, Rick McGinnis on The Social Network, and an interview with FCP leader Phil Lees who has a new vision of the FCP.  Joseph Campbell has a magnificent humour column on pro-choice language which literally exhausted me when I originally read and edited it; every sentence was like being hit in face or chest. Campbell emailed me to say he was hesitant to write a humour column about abortion, but he takes the absurdity of pro-choice language to devastate the opposition’s argument with great aplomb that it would have been a shame if it hadn’t written it.

Anyway, the January edition will be in the mail in the next week. We will be posting stories throughout January.

I have administrative work to keep me busy for the next few days and an office Christmas party tomorrow, but I will endeavour to post throughout the week.