The Economist cover feature this week is on demography, growth and the environment with a focus on falling fertility: “Falling Fertility,” “The rich are different,” and “Go forth and multiply a lot less.” Interim editor Paul Tuns will be commenting on these stories later today.

The Daily Mail reports that neither men nor women will be necessary for reproduction as scientists at Stanford create eggs and sperm from stem cells.

At his Guardian blog, Henry Porter registers his outrage that Watford, England parents will not be allowed to supervise their own children at two local playgrounds.

The Canadian Constitution Foundation has put up video from its October 2-4 Race, Religion, Equality and Freedom annual law conference. has a story on the increasing number of gay-friendly companies. Here is the list of the 305  companies who score a perfect 100 according to the pro-gay Human Rights Campaign.

There is a patent application for a glow-in-the-dark condom.