Ruth Marcus has a longish piece in Newsweek on how abortion will not scuttle Obamacare.

At The American Spectator, Mark Tooley looks at how the Religious Left, especially the United Methodist Board of Church and Society, is opposed to the Stupak-Pitts amendment.

The Daily Telegraph had an article last week entitled “Fertility: stop all the clocks,” on attempts by one doctor to maintain the fertility for women who delay motherhood by “pausing biological time by freezing ovarian tissue.”

Women’s E-News reports on the legal challenge against Canada’s prostitution laws.

Wesley Smith takes on Ron Bailey and the idea that we can — or should — live forever.

John Smeaton celebrates the legal victory by Society for the Protection of Unborn Children in a Northern Ireland case on non-directive counselling.

Matt Anderson writes in World magazine about the joys of a large family.

The Associated Press reports that the “Abortion pill put on hold in Italy amid doubts over safety.”