The New York Times reports that after the resounding 53%-47% defeat of same-sex marriage at the ballot box in liberal Maine, advocates of SSM are going to have to change tactics, probably by-passing the public and appealing directly to legislators to ignore the expressed wishes of voters or legally challenging the traditional definition of marriage in the courts.

According to Angus Reid, 57 of respondents in their Chilean poll on euthanasia, support “assisted death” in cases of terminal or incurable illness, down nearly eight points since June.

Clark M. Jones at the pro-life blog Dakota Voice on “The Right to Life Created the Right to Liberty.”

The BBC reports that Dennis and Flora Milner, a healthy British couple in their early 80s, committed suicide to pre-empt any deterioration of health.

David Bass at The American Spectator blog says the Republican Party needs to go back to being the big tent party that it was under Ronald Reagan.