Wesley Smith on Rom Houben in The Weekly Standard:The Long Awakening: A Belgian case revives the Schiavo decision.” Bioethicist Art Caplan responds on his Bioethics Blog and Smith responds to the response at Secondhand Smoke.

The New York Times reported Friday on how Nebraska abortionist LeRoy Carhart has taken up the cause of late-term abortion following the death of George R. Tiller last May. Dave Andrusko of the National Right to Life Committee notes that sometimes what is most interesting or important about an article is what is not said.

The Guardian reports “Three women will today challenge the Irish government’s ban on abortion in a case at the European court of human rights.”

The Sunday Telegraph reported, “More than 20,000 women under 25 had repeat abortions last year.”

Ross Douthat has a post on “The Politics of Pregnancy Counseling” at his New York Times blog, Evaluations, in which he applies the same standards of unbiased counselling to (pro-life) pregnancy care centers and (pro-abortion) family planning and abortion Planned Parenthood facilities.