Catholic Insight editor Fr. Alphonse de Valk says that Canadians should learn from the U.S. health care debate and “stop being the patsies we have become and start fighting back” — and begin doing so by insisting that the Culture of Death not be subsidized by taxpayers.

The McGill Daily has a report on the Montreal university’s student union’s suspension of the Choose Life pro-life club on campus. Revocation of the club’s charter was defeated 11-10, but a suspension with the Orwellian condition that Choose Life co-operate with SSMU’s Equity Committee to revise its constitution passed 16-7.

Jill Stanek has an excellent round-up of the travails facing Michigan late-term abortionist Albert Hodari, who is selling three of his six abortion mills and divorcing his wife.

At The Enterprise blog, Michael Barone looks at “Abortion Rates and Voting Behavior.”

This Priests for Life YouTube video explains what a suction abortion is (not graphic, but explicitly explains what an abortion is). reports that the video has been viewed more than one million times.

Jason Kuznicki, a research fellow at the Cato Institute, has written a paper entitled “Attack of the Utility Monsters: The New Threats to Free Speech,” which examines hate-laws, university speech codes and other violations of free speech to promote the emotional well-being of  protected and priviledged groups and finds that they are overly censorious and fractious. He concludes: “The result is not more happiness, but a race to the bottom, in which aggrieved groups compete endlessly with one another for a slice of government power.”