Fox News reports that “Cord blood reverses cerebral palsy in Colorado girl.”

Jason West of Sane Conservatism has a terrific post on C-384.

Ioana Ardelean of the Americans United for Life writes about “China’s Dehumanizing Abortion Policies.”

American Enterprise Institute’s Michael Barone writes about “Delayed Childbearing and Voting Behavior.”

The National Right to Life Committee rejects Harry Reid’s abortion funding language in the Senate health care reform bill. Mary Harned has AUL’s take on the Senate bill.

Jennifer Roback Morse writes about “How Cohabitation Is a Sin Against Social Justice” in the National Catholic Register.

Peter Jon Mitchell, a researcher at the Institute of Marriage and Family Canada, has a report entitled, “Guilty pleasure reconsidered: Television programs that show highly sexualized teens are viewed mainly by adult audiences. What does this say about us?”