The Los Angeles Times reports that the producers of the teen dramumentary (a blend of drama and documentary), South Dakota: A Woman’s Right to Choose, is meant to provoke discussion. Some complain that the film leans too much to the pro-life side. Here’s a trailer.

The Washington Times reports, “Abortion re-emerges as top issue: Health care debate puts divisive topic at forefront,” although the reporter admits the issue never went away.

Robert Costa in National Review Online: “The Stupak Lessons: The pro-life senators have lessons to learn from the Stupak amendment in the House.”

Americans United for Life blog has a “Timeline: Abortion in the U.S. Senate Health Care Bill.”

Kathleen Kennedy Townsend complains in a Politico column that Catholic bishops “have lost their way” in their involvement on the abortion issue within the context of health care reform.

The Boston Globe Magazine alerts readers to a new victim: singles. Sub-title on a story says “Arguments for gay marriage highlight a bias against singles.”

Big Blue Wave takes a look at an Abortioneers blog post on bringing up abortion at every chance including stats class.