Live Action has caught Planned Parenthood workers lying again, this time about fetal development. Michelle Malkin writes about this in a post entitled, “Planned Parenthood predators, Part 99997.”

Jill Stanek looks at Ben Nelson and what he will do on Obamacare after the defeat of his pro-life amendment.

The Daily Mail reports that a former deputy health minister in The Netherlands has admitted that legalized abortion has led to a decline in the quality of care for terminally ill Dutch patients.

The Toronto Star reports that a manger display on city property provided by Gethsemane Ministries and paid for by “the Catholic wing” of Campaign Life Coalition had to taken down signage that acknowledged CLC’s support and that it was donated “in honour of Pro Life hero Fr. Ted Colleton.” reports that a Vancouver man was found guilty of aiding a suicide after trading a shotgun for a SUV.

Wesley Smith predicts what 2010 holds in bioethical issues.

The Daily Telegraph reports that three women are challenging Ireland’s prohibition on abortion in a court case before the European Court of Human Rights. As Irish government advisor Donal O’Donnel says, the European Convention of Human Rights protects the right to life. The Americans United for Life blog has live reports from the ECHR.

At the FRC blog David Prentice looks at “Attacking HIV with adult stem cells.”