The Washington Post reports that Senator Ben Nelson is largely responsible gumming up the Senate health care bill. While news reports focus on his attempts to ensure abortion is not subsidized, he has also expressed concerns about the government takeover of health care more generally, a fact ignored by the Post. 

Susan B. Anthony List wrote to Senator Robert Casey Jr. to note this dissatisfaction with the compromise he proposed on abortion funding the Senate health care bill. The man Casey replaced in the Senate, Rick Santorum, tells National Review what he thinks if the Casey compromise. The National Right to Life Committee isn’t fooled by the compromise, either.

The Austin American Statesman has a condescending editorial on abortion funding which assumes that readers who disagree with abortion funding don’t realize that abortion is a legal procedure in the United States. interviews the sidewalk counselor who alleges an off-duty Chicago police officer pulled a gun on her when she approached him and his female companion before entering an Aurora Planned Parenthood facility on Wednesday.

In The American Spectator Online Brian Clowes, director of research at Human Life International, critiques the depopulation agenda being pushed by environmentalists.

Metro Catholic reports that the Mexico City Abortion Fund for Social Justice is invoking the name of Mary to promote abortion by launching the Maria Network which will “finance abortions for poor women in Mexico City using U.S. dollars.”