The Interimran an article about Baby Jayla and her parents in the December issue (Family thankful for the time they had with child) which is one of the feature stories on the website this month. You don’t want to miss it. It’s the story of the DeSouza family. When mother Gillian found out that the child she was carrying had triple X syndrome and  a congenital heart defect, her doctor (and later bioethicists and a priest) suggested that she induce an early delivery after which the child would shortly pass away. Some pro-lifers (correctly) understand that early induction before viability is tantamount to abortion because it is a deliberate action that will cause death without any health benefit to mother or child. There is no treatment for triple X syndrome and the family was counselled that they would not have long with the child even if she did survive to a natural delivery. The family changed their mind about an early inducation and they are thankful for the ten months they had with Jayla.

Big Blue Wave explains the mentality that leads to the deliberate causing of death in such cases:

The doctors pushed for termination. You know why they do that? Because it’s so simple. It’s all over in a couple of days.

With a congenital heart defect, you have to make an effort to save the baby’s life. So many resources have to be spent.

Resources that could be spent on babies who will live.

That is the logic of our culture of death.