Harold Albrecht is the Conservative MP from Kitchener-Conestoga and is a principled pro-life, pro-family conservative. On Monday night as he and his wife Betty were preparing to go to the victory party — he had just won a third term — she suffered a spontaneous intracranial hemorrhagea. Betty died yesterday. She was 59.

By all accounts Betty was a supportive wife in all of Harold’s endeavours — school board trustee, 27 years as a dentist, foreign Christian missions, pastor in a Brethren in Christ church for six years and, most recently, MP. Albrecht said of his late wife:

“I will never be able to thank Betty for her faithful commitment over the past 36 years, but today I want her to know how deeply she is loved. I am grateful that God has blessed my life with her as my best friend and wife. She has made Canada a better country and enriched my life in incredible ways.”

On behalf of the readers, staff and volunteers at The Interim I want to extend our condolences to Harold Albrecht; our thoughts and prayers are with the Albrecht family at this time.