Brian Lilley has a great introduction on his blog before getting to his column on C-389, Bill Siksay’s private member’s bill granting special human rights protection to people who self-identify as transgender and transsexual by adding gender identity and gender expression to Canada’s human rights laws. Lilley says:

Later today MPs will vote on a number of bills, most of which are technical adjustments to this act or that act. One bill will look to change our culture, legal and otherwise, under the guise of expanding equality.

In fact Bill C-389 will lessen equality. I’ve spoken against this bill before and reprint my column from November below to do so again.

C-389 is about adding transgendered to the list of protected groups. This is wrong.

We should have no protected groups. Either we believe in equality or we don’t.

I urge MPs to vote for equality tonight by voting against C-389 and then begin the process of getting rid of the other groups. Treat all members of society the same.

It is baffling that there are people who think the way to promote equality is by providing special “protections” to specific groups of people. As we note in our February editorial (via Catholic Insight) the great irony is that this so-called “anti-discrimination” measure will be used to persecute and oppress others (namely Christians), but also, if the actions of human rights commissions are any guide, innocent people who did not intend to do any harm to anyone.

The issue is not really transgender rights, but the human rights commission industry, which Lilley notes has turned the whole notion of discrimination on its head:

While the Charter of Rights and Freedoms and the Bill of Rights before that say citizens of Canada shall be treated equally “without discrimination” based on issues such as race, religion or sex, the new regime says you will be treated differently based on those very same criteria.