On May 2, Canadians will go to the polls for the 41st time in the country’s history and Globe and Mail columnist Judith Timson attempts to resurrect the hidden agenda meme one more time. The life section columnist says 1) Stephen Harper can’t be trusted to not re-open the abortion issue because unlike Jack Layton and Michael Ignatieff he has not affirmed the supposed right to abortion in Canada, 2) Harper can’t force his MPs to defeat any pro-life private members’ bills despite his promise that such efforts would be thwarted, 3) Harper may not serve his full term and a Prime Minister Jason Kenney would be more receptive to doing something about the abortion file, and 4) every woman needs to take Harper’s refusal to affirm “reproductive rights” seriously. Staying classy, she concludes that trusting the Harper-Kenney Conservatives not to touch abortion is akin to “trusting a man who whispers, ‘Don’t worry, I will pull out in time’.”

One other thing about that Timson column. She refers to a Margaret Atwood column earlier this week that called for abortion to “be thoroughly discussed.” I would agree, but every time pro-lifers attempt to bring up the subject, pro-abortion feminists treat any discussion as a frontal attack on abortion. It is Timson and Atwood’s feminist allies that are preventing a real discussion and making it impossible for any politician to address the issue of abortion honestly and forthrightly. We end up with evasions and unsatisfactory answers all around — and that’s not good for democracy.