This Michael Swan article in the Catholic Register implicitly sets up the false dichotomy of moral values vs. social justice. Note that Swan implies pro-lifers are single issue voters. Campaign Life Coalition is ready for the election. As Jim Hughes says, “There is nothing more important than saving life.” As Joseph Sobran pointed out years ago, abortion is the ultimate issue, so single-issue mindedness is necessary. But Swan’s remarks can be seen as a criticism of CLC.

Andrea Mrozek of the Institute of Marriage and Family Canada has talked with 580 AM, 570 Am  and CTV’s Power Play about Michael Ignatieff’s plan to plow $500 million into universal daycare. IMFC would prefer to see tax credits to families or broader tax cuts so families could keep more money in the first place. Furthermore, the one-size fits all daycare plan does not adequately serve the needs of all parents. Find the links at the IMFC website. Also check out Dave Quist’s comments on income splitting and the Liberal education plan.

Writing in the Financial Post, economist Jack Mintz says the Conservative income splitting proposal is a step in the right direction toward family taxation.

LifeSiteNews reports that Phil Lees, leader of the Family Coalition Party (a provincial party in Ontario), says that Stephen Harper putting off income splitting until the budget is balanced will continue an “abuse” of families.

Contrary to what experts would expect, Ekos has found that Conservative Party of Canada leads by 5 percentage points over Liberals among women.