Last week 15,000 Canadians took part in the largest annual demonstration on Parliament Hill, marking Canada’s Day of Infamy and demanding justice for the unborn. (On May 13, 1969 Canada effectively legalized abortion-on-demand.) LifeSiteNews reports on the National March for Life and the media coverage it received. For years the media largely ignored the march, but when 15,000 people show up on the step of Parliament, it becomes impossible to ignore the event. A partial list of this coverage: the Toronto Sun, CFRA, PostMedia, Canadian Press, CBC, Toronto Star, Global, and CTV. That doesn’t include political commentary and pre-coverage. The Globe and Mail used a CP story in its paper edition and the website featured a good CP video about the National March for Life that let marchers speak for themselves. Dunn Media has an excellent video of the participants and speakers. Oddly, the Ottawa Citizen photo gallery of the March for Life — 15,000 pro-lifers, perhaps a hundred counter-protesters — featured just one more photo of the pro-lifers than pro-aborts. Of course, pro-lifers didn’t have their shirts off which perhaps made for a less interesting picture.