Some observations from the past 30 minutes of “debate” in the House of Commons over Bob Rae’s motion to require the government to include abortion and contraception in its maternal health initiative.

Bloc Quebecois MP Johanne Deschamps says she doesn’t “understand” how a maternal health program cannot include abortion for 12- and 13-year-olds who were raped in war. Is that the cause of 500,000 pregnant women dying every year or 9 million infants dying prematurely.

NDP MP Peter Julian said 30,000 children will die today due to hunger and charges the that the Conservative ideology is opposed to abortion. The assumption seems to be if the well-refuted argument that there would be less hunger if only there weren’t so damn many people. Who’s being ideological now?

Replying to Julian’s comments, Deschamps brings up the outdated Conservative Party ideology that opposes abortion and same-sex ‘marriage’ (what?) because the Tories are “under the influence of religious, right-wing groups.” And she and Julian accuse the the Conservative government of playing politics.

Earlier Keith Martin said Canadian women have the right to abortion so the government is wrong to deny women abroad those same rights. But in many countries, abortion is not a right. Does Martin want to impose Canadian values abroad? Is he know a moral colonizer?

Liberal, NDP and Bloc MPs are repeatedly charging the Conservative government with being ideological and ignoring the “science” that proves the need for contraception and abortion.

The Conservatives are going to vote against the motion.